BTS’s V caught smoking backstage at the 2022 Grammys 

This is not the first time V has sparked controversy over smoking. 

On April 3rd (local time), BTS appeared at the 2022 Grammy Awards held in Las Vegas. The global boy group had a stunning appearance on the red carpet and tore up the stage with the performance of their smash hit “Butter“.

However, shortly after the award ceremony ended, V came under controversy. Photos of V smoking a cigarette next to a staff member outside the MGM Grand Garden Arena, where the 2022 Grammys took place, were spread on social media and created a stir. V was wearing his red carpet outfit with purple shirt and brown pants while smoking, without knowing that he had been photographed.

Many netizens criticized V for smoking because this could be a bad influence on many young fans of BTS. On the other hand, fans jumped to V’s defense, saying he is an adult so he is allowed to do whatever he wants. He was also not smoking in a public place where it was banned or on camera, so he does not deserve criticism. Others expressed concern about the health and voice of V

This is not the first time V has been caught up in a smoking controversy. Back in 2019, V was suspected of holding an electronic cigarette in a video posted by Jimin. 

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