BTS’s reaction to losing 10 days of their hard-earned long vacation after 2 years 3 months due to quarantine

BTS members, who have been working nonstop, recently completed their U.S schedules and started their long vacation.

On Dec 6th, HYBE announced BTS’s 2nd long vacation and announced that the boy group would not attend the year-end awards ceremonies. BTS recently finished their official schedule in the U.S, and the members are spending their own time as parts of their sweet, long vacation after 2 years and 3 months of working non-stop. However, a new change in the government’s quarantine guidelines now require 10 days of quarantine for all people who have entered the country after Dec 3rd, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not. Due to this, some members of BTS who are back from the U.S are currently in self-quarantine.

BTS long vacation after 2 years

Jin, who came back to Korea on Dec 6th, expressed his resentment on the fan community platform Weverse on Dec 9th, saying, “Is this what you call a vacation?” This is because self-quarantine limits one from meeting other people, and instead of doing whatever he wants for a vacation, he is required to stay at home only for 10 days. He even posted his homemade food onto Instagram, saying, “I’m really bored.”

BTS long vacation after 2 years

V also sympathized with Jin and commented, “Just ask the company for 10 more days,” expressing hope that their vacation would be increased as much as the quarantine period. Despite V’s suggestion, Jin went back to his daily routine, saying, “I’m angry, I’m gonna go wash the dishes.”

BTS long vacation after 2 years

Fans who saw this responded that they sympathize with Jin’s realistic response. “Celebs are just the same as us office workers,” “Give them 10 more days off,” “It’s their precious vacation but they have to stay at home, unbelievable,” fans said.

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