BTS’s Jungkook boasted manga-like handsome visuals in new webtoon promotional photo 

BTS’s Jungkook captivated fans around the world with his heavenly appearance.

BTS recently released a special photo card of for its webtoon “7 Fates: CHAKHO” through the official SNS of WEBTOON.

In this photo, Jungkook overwhelmed fans’ eyes with his intense dark charisma of a tiger hunter.

Jungkook showed an incomparable appearance with piercings and all-black outfits, capturing women’s hearts with his cold and deep eyes. In addition, the mysterious and dreamy mood and chic emotionless expressions he created stimulated curiosity about the webtoon’s story to the fullest.


Jungkook raised fans’ curiosity by perfectly portraying his character “Jeha” with his realistic facial expressions, sensuous aura, and relaxed poses.

Jungkook showed off his unrealistic, dehumanized visuals that seem to exist only in webtoons with his CG-like features, making it impossible for fans to take their eyes off.

Fans said, “He looks like he came out of a manga or a webtoon,” “I’m really curious about Jeha’s story.” “Jeon Jungkook looks like he’s really in a webtoon. He looks like a real character and is unrealistically handsome!” “Jung Kook, let’s definitely film a SF fantasy.” “Chic mystery dreamlike ♥he’s fantastic.” “Is this visual for real? I’m suffocating because he’s so handsome?” “Jungkook’s unrealistically handsome like a webtoon character.”

stay alive

Meanwhile, at 11 a.m. on February 5 (Korea Standard Time), “Stay Alive” (Production. SUGA of BTS), the OST of “7 Fates: CHAKHO” produced by BTS Suga and sung by Jungkook, will be unveiled for the first time through Naver Webtoon Global Service.

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