“BTS’s father” Bang Si-hyuk to be awarded an honorary PhD from Seoul National University 

Bang Si-hyuk

The JoongAng Ilbo announced on March 15th that Seoul National University recently decided Bang Si-hyuk as the recipient of an honorary PhD.

According to reports, this is the first time that Seoul National University has awarded an honorary PhD to a person in the field of popular culture. Seoul National University has been awarding honorary PhD degrees focusing on only foreign poligicians, scholars and the school’s donors.

Bang Si-hyuk

An official from Seoul National University explained the reason for the selection, saying, “Chairman Bang has spread Korean culture to international communities and his good influence on people all over the world beyond races and generations through cultural activities”.

Knowing this news, netizens applauded and gave enthusiastic responses. Internet users on the online community theqoo commented, “I agree with this”, “Oh, congratulations!”, “He’s the best in this field. I agree”, “Wow. Congratulations!”, “I have no choice but to agree with this”, etc.

Bang Si-hyuk

Bang Si-hyuk discovered and created BTS, which has become a world-class idol group. He is currently the Chairman of HYBE Corporation, which was changed from the old name Big Hit Entertainment for the expansion of business.

He recently attracted keen attention by recruiting IZ*ONE’s former members Miyawaki Sakura and Kim Chae-won.

Bang Si-hyuk

Meanwhile, Bang Si-hyuk, who graduated from the Department of Arts at Seoul National University, was invited to give a speech at the 73rd Seoul National University graduation ceremony in 2019.

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