BTS was mocked after Billboard changed the rule, fans replied firmly, “take care of your idol first, don’t care too much about BTS”!

Right after Billboard changed the scoring rules for the Hot 100 and Hot 200 charts, BTS was in the crosshairs with many sarcastic comments!

Recently, Billboard announced a change in the scoring criteria for the two Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Hot 200 charts. Under the new rule, each customer will only be counted 1 digital sale per week for singles and albums.

The cases of “bulk-buy” or “delete and repurchase” of 2 or more will not count as achievement points. Before this change, each person can click to buy up to 4 times a week and it would still count as sales.

Billboard chart changed the rule
Billboard’s new rule was changed after hundreds of complaints from the audience about the previous calculation.

In addition, Billboard also sets a new minimum price to put products on Billboard charts at $0.39 for singles and $3.49 for albums. This change will be applied immediately to the Hot 100 and 200 charts. With the above changes, many artists will no longer be able to boost sales by lowering the price of their products. Billboard’s score will put more emphasis on the streaming and radio volume.

On many social platforms, people are being sarcastic at BTS after Billboard changed the rule. Why is BTS targeted by netizens? As it turned out, in the past year of 2021, BTS was the “biggest” name on the Hot 100 chart. The group’s song “Butter” had 10 weeks at No.1 Hot 100, which created a heated controversy.

Billboard chart changed the rule
In 2021, BTS keeps writing their achievement list when topping the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks

Although BTS has achieved great achievements on the famous rigorous US popularity chart, most US-UK music fans are not convinced. BTS’s #1 songs are not very popular in the US, but they topped the Billboard Hot 100. Therefore, fans of artists who ranked #2 and #3 at the same time often expressed frustration with BTS’s ranking.

Billboard chart changed the rule
Billboard Hot 100 for the 3rd week of July 2021

When comparing the data of “Butter”, Billboard’s #1 song for many weeks, with #2, #3 songs in the chart at the same time (the 3rd week of July 2021), it is easy to see that “Butter” is far behind from “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo or “Levitating” by Dua Lipa in terms of streams or airplays in the US but leading in sales.

This proves that Americans don’t listen to “Butter” much, but thanks to the large fandom and the fact that BTS has released many remix versions, “Butter” has achieved an extremely impressive sales record. Because of this public bending of the rule, BTS’s “Butter” is called a “money hit”.

Billboard chart changed the rule
The popularity of BTS is undeniable but the group’s achievement of Billboard Hot 100 in the past year is not enough to convince the demanding public.

Therefore, when Billboard changed the rule to calculate sales and minimum standards for products, US-UK music fans felt “satisfied”. Many fans believe that this is a fair criterion, according to which many artists cannot rely on Billboard’s loopholes to bend the rule by lowering the sale price to improve their achievements. But that’s from the point of view of US-UK music fans. For Army, BTS’s fandom, there’s nothing wrong with a large and powerful fanbase donating to idols.

As soon as BTS was ironically talked at when Billboard changed the rules, the Army responded firmly, “For fans whose idols are not as successful as BTS, please keep quiet and take care of your idols!” Not only defending idols, but Army also affirmed that even when Billboard changed the rule, the fandom would still be willing to comply with it. No matter what the rule is, BTS’s achievements will still “rule” the entire Kpop world at Billboard charts!

Billboard chart changed the rule
No matter what, Army will always find a way to support BTS!


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