BTS V was selected as the No.1 male idol who is perfect for jewelry brand advertising model

BTS V ranked No.1 in the poll of “male idol who is perfect for jewelry brand advertising model”.

On November 20th, idol community CHOEAEDOL announced, “V achieved 1st place in the ‘male idol who is perfect for jewelry brand advertising model’ survey, which was conducted from Nov 11th until Nov 18th, with 28008 votes out of 52852 votes in total”.


V has pulled off various colorful and unique stylings, from pearl necklaces to bold jewelry earrings. In particular, V’s long and pretty hands, which make rings, bracelets, and watches stand out in CFs, were also praised to be comparable to the hands of professional models.

V’s Cartier pictorial, which recently decorated the cover of Vogue Korea, made headlines as it marked the meeting between a “luxury” star and luxury goods. The intense and chic image of the High Jewelry Line’s Panthere Collection met with V’s charismatic and bold energy to create fantastic works of art. 

bts v vogue

The magazine containing V’s photoshoot ranked No.1 in the all-time sale ranking on the global online sales site KTOWN4U. In only two weeks of pre-order, it became the first magazine to sell more than 50,000 copies on this site, breaking the record that had been kept for two years. 

Source: Daum

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