BTS V – the super star who created “war in front of Celine” and heated up Paris

BTS member heated up Paris Fashion Week, opening the door for BTS’s “2nd chapter” that focuses on solo activities 

On June 26th (local time), BTS V, alongside BLACKPINK Lisa and actor Park Bo Gum, participated in the Celine fashion show, which marked the finale of Paris Fashion Week, and received enthusiastic reactions from local fans and celebrities.

bts v

V in particular definitely received attention from the moment he arrived at the show venue, with countless cheers and camera shutter sounds all directed towards the male idol.

V, who adorned an intense red leather jacket, a sequin turtleneck, a chandelier choker, and tight leather pants, drew attention with his perfect features that were even more colorful and shiny than his outfit.

bts v
“Superstar V” heated up in Paris.

Everything about V was perfect, from colorful clothes, intense eyes that cannot be rivaled, to his rebellious beauty that’s the icon of youth and sophisticated attitude.

The BTS member is said to have been invited personally by Celine’s creative director Hedi Slimane to participate in the Celine fashion show.

Hedi Slimane is a designer who has made such a deep mark in the men’s fashion world, that this realm of fashion was divided into “before and after Hedi”. The male designer kick-started the skinny era under Dior Homme, before moving to Saint Laurent, and is currently leading a new direction in the fashion world at Celine.

bts v

V received special attention from Eddie Slimane and received the best treatment throughout the Paris schedule. The male idol also drew huge attention by posting Instagram photos taken with Eddie Slimane and his dog.

12 hours before the Celine fashion show was held, fans from all over Europe gathered to see V. In front of the Palais de Tokyo, where the fashion show was held, the largest number of people gathered at Paris Fashion Week, drawing explosive attention from local media. When V waved at the crowd, thunderous shouts erupted, surprising celebrities who participated in the show.

V BTS Celine Show

Even Bernard Arnault, founder and CEO of LVMH Group, who owns more than 50 luxury brands including Celine, Louis Vuitton, and Dior, was caught on camera with a surprising expression as he witnessed the strong reactions from numerous spectators.

Noor, who runs a digital marketing agency in Paris, said: “I’ve never seen an artist as impressive as V. It was war in front of Celine.This has never happened.”

bts v

After the fashion show, keywords and hashtags related to V started to heat up SNS. #TAEYONGxCeline, #TaehyungInParis, “SO EXCITED FOR TAEHYUNG” and “TAEHYUNG TAEHYUNG”, took up the 1st to 4th positions on Twitter’s worldwide real-time trend, and the amount of mentions related to V surprising exceeded 24 million within 24 hours.

It seems that V is already proving himself as a superstar right for the start of his solo schedules. 

Source: Daum

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