BTS tops boy group brand reputation in June, SEVENTEEN lands in second place 

BTS came in first place in the boy group brand reputation ranking of June 2023.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute measured the participation index, media index, communication index, and community index for boy group brands through consumer behavior analysis of 47.885,944 boy group brand big data measured from May 10th to June 10th. Compared to 50,858,084 brand big data in May, it decreased by 5.84%.

BTS stood at No. 1 in the boy group’s brand reputation. They received a brand reputation index of 9,936,435. The participation index was 348,460, the media index was 2,477,808, the communication index was 3,279,147, and the community index was 3,831,020. Compared to the brand reputation index of 9,949,491 in May, the percentage fell 0.13%.


In second place, SEVENTEEN was analyzed as the brand reputation index 4,379,894. The participation index was 541,287, the media index was 1,064,360, the communication index was 1,294,016, and the community index was 1,480,231. Compared to the Brand Reputation Index of 5,045,808 in May, it fell by 13.20%.

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NCT landed on third place with a brand reputation index 2,376,715. The participation index was 80,624, the media index was 690,111, the communication index was 526,798, and the community index was 1,079,181. Compared to the brand reputation index of 2,698,772 in May, it fell 11.93%.


BTOB was in fourth place The analyzed brand reputation index was 2,225,285 with the participation index of 201,185, the media index of 815,275, the communication index of 503,500, and the community index of 705,325. Compared to BTOB’s brand reputation index in May, it increased by 4.14%.


At 5th place is Stray Kids with a brand reputation index of 2,078,915. The participation index was 185,840, the media index was 983,773, the communication index was 418,677, and the community index was 490,624. Compared to the brand reputation index of 1,286,710 in May, it increased by 61.57%.


Koo Chang Hwan, the director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, said, “The BTS brand, which ranked No. 1 in big data analysis in June 2023 of boy group’s brand reputation, was highly analyzed as ‘reveal, thank you, and promise’ in the link analysis”. The director continued, “In the keyword analysis, ‘10th anniversary, Take Two, and ARMY’ were analyzed highly. In the analysis of the positive and negative ratios, the positive ratio was 96.02%. According to a detailed analysis of BTS’s brand reputation, brand consumption fell 8.19%, brand issues fell 12.62%, brand communication fell 1.93%, and brand spread rose 12.99%”. 

Source: MK Sports 

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