BTS releases an extremely detailed schedule to promote the English single: There will be 2 MVs, comeback stage will take place at VMAs 2020?

Looking at this schedule, ARMY seems to have a lot until BTS officially returns on August 21.

According to the countdown timer, BTS has a released schedule at 0:00 KST on ⅝. This time Big Hit Entertainment has released an extremely detailed schedule to promote the English single “Dynamite”.

According to the schedule provided by Big Hit, BTS will release 3 sets of sneak peak photos at 0h (Korean time) on 11, 13 and 16/8. If fans once complained that the “ON” MV does not have a teaser then this time they will be satisfied. Teaser MV “Dynamite” will be released on August 19 – 2 days before the music video officially airs.

In addition, ARMY also enjoy 2 versions of “Dynamite” MV. The official version was released at 13h on 21/8 in Korea. The b-side (sub-version) of the MV “Dynamite” aired in the hometown of the 7 idols at 12am on 25/8.

However, what fans are most interested in is the final activity on the schedule. Accordingly, BTS will perform the song “Dynamite” at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs 2020) on August 31. The information that BTS is a performing artist at VMAs 2020 has also been confirmed by the organizers of this awards. It is likely that this will be the first stage of the “global group” in the upcoming comeback.

At this year’s VMAs awards, BTS received three nominations: “Best Pop”, “Best Choreography” and “Best Kpop”. With the recently announced schedule, ARMYs really can’t wait to see BTS’s “Dynamite” MV as well as enjoy the group’s stage at VMAs. However, it is unclear whether BTS will fly to the US, or they will still perform in Korea and their repertoire will be broadcast on the show.

Sources: k14

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