BTS Nears End of Military Hiatus: 4 Days Until Jin’s Discharge and Rising Excitement

The boy group BTS is set to regain its prominence in K-pop

In December 2022, the eldest member, Jin, started his military service, marking the beginning of the group’s hiatus. At that time, BTS was achieving unprecedented success in both the domestic and global music markets, making Jin’s enlistment a significant moment of disappointment for the global ARMY (BTS’s fandom). Now, his discharge is just four days away.

Jin will be discharged from the military on the 12th of June at the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon County, Gyeonggi Province. Considering BTS’s debut anniversary is on the 13th, Jin’s discharge is particularly special for the ARMY. BTS has traditionally celebrated their debut with the ‘FESTA’ event, and there is much anticipation about Jin’s possible participation in this year’s celebration, given his discharge date is just one day prior.

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During his military service, Jin’s dedication to his fans did not waver. He confirmed his attendance at the offline event ‘2024 FESTA’ on June 13th in Songpa-gu, Seoul, to honor his promise to the ARMY. The event will include a hugging session called ‘Jin’s Greetings’ for 1,000 fans, and various segments showcasing different sides of Jin in ‘June 13th, 2024, Seokjin, Clear Skies,’ exciting fans worldwide.

This fan event is particularly meaningful as it was organized at Jin’s suggestion to spend a close and significant time with the ARMY.

Youngest member Jungkook also joined in the ‘2024 FESTA’ celebration by releasing a fan song. On June 7th, he dropped a new digital single, ‘Never Let Go,’ which he wrote and composed himself, conveying his feelings for the ARMY with the message, “Let’s never let go of each other’s hands.”

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‘Never Let Go’ topped the iTunes charts in 96 countries/regions, including the US, Italy, and Japan, by 9 AM on the 8th. It also ranked first on the ‘Worldwide iTunes Song’ and ‘European iTunes Song’ charts as of the 7th.

To commemorate the release, Jungkook left a heartfelt message on the fan communication platform Weverse, expressing his gratitude and hope that fans would enjoy the song. He explained the song’s creation process and expressed regret that he couldn’t complete the performance video due to time constraints, asking fans for their understanding.

Starting with Jin’s discharge, BTS plans to gradually end their hiatus. The next member to be discharged is J-Hope, expected on October 17th. The remaining members will complete their military service around the same time, allowing BTS to resume full-group activities.


RM and V, who enlisted on December 11th last year, will be discharged on June 10th, 2025. Jimin and Jungkook, who enlisted on December 12th last year, will be discharged on June 11th, 2025. Suga, who began his service as a social worker last September, will be released on June 21st, 2025.

In about a year, BTS will finally return as a complete group. By June 13th next year, their 12th debut anniversary, all members except Suga will have completed their service. BTS is set to begin a new chapter in the second half of 2025, returning with an even more mature image. Fans are eagerly anticipating what new music and concepts they will bring to global listeners post-military service.

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