BTS missed another Grammy award nominations: An unrealized dream with the prestigious music award 

BTS failed three Grammy nominations against tough competitiors of the awards. 

On February 6th, Grammys 2023 officially took place with various award categories granted to their respective winners. Unfortunately, BTS was not able to take home any trophies this time around. This is also their third time the group received Grammy nominations but missed the prize at a narrow margins. 


Three-time Grammy nominee 

In 2021, BTS became the talk of the town when they were nominated for the Grammys with “Dynamite,” the song that dominated global music charts, in the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” category. The group received the same nomination in 2022 with “Butter.” “Dynamite” and “Butter” have often been considered BTS’ career peaks with a series of records and high rankings on Billboard Hot 100. 

bts dynamite
“Dynamite” brought BTS the first Grammy nomination 
bts butter
“Butter” made their way into the global music market in 2021

In their 9th year of career, BTS received three Grammy nominations in 2023. Their critically acclaimed collaboration with Coldplay and the M/V “Yet to Come” were nominated for: “Best Music Video” with “Yet to Come,” “Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance” with “My Universe” and “Album of The Year” with Coldplay’s “Music of The Spheres.” As 2022 was the last year BTS works as a full group. Therefore, fans held high hopes that this year BTS could bring a Grammy home. 

The comeback reserved for fans before the members enlisted for the military was also nominated for Grammys 2023 

An unrealized dream 

Unfortunately, after the awards, BTS still left home empty-handed. In 2021, “Dynamite” failed to take the award from “Rain on Me” the Lady Gaga – Ariana Grande duo. “Butter” failed to win against “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat and SZA in 2022. In 2023, their collaboration with Coldplay could not win against “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras. 

bts grammy
BTS lost their chance to take the awards home 

In the other two categories, BTS had to face strong contenders. For “Best Music Video,” the award went to Taylor Swift with the M/V “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” before the award night. “Album of The Year” was award to Harry Styles’ “Harry’s House” that was loved by the critics and the public. 

harry styles
“Album of The Year” went to Harry Styles 

The reasons BTS could not win a Grammys

There are many reasons for fans to expect a win for BTS at the Grammys. 2022 was the last chance BTS worked as a full group before they had to see their members off to the military. Moreover, prior to this prestigious award, BTS won “Artist of the Year” at the American Music Awards” (AMAs), pulling them up a scale higher on the global music map. 

At the peak of their career, BTS sadly lost their chance with the Grammys 

Nonetheless, winning one category or more at this award is no easy task.  A win could have finished BTS’ award “collection” when they have already had trophies from “Billboard Music Awards”, “AMAs” and “VMAs.” Yet they were faced with too many tough competition. 

BTS saw Jin off to the army 

However, the experts seemed to have known this outcome already. According to Korean media, when Jin joined the mlitary and the members pursued their solo careers, BTS as a group lost their momentum. M/V “Yet to Come”and “Proof” were only gifts to fans so they were not made with a competitive edge. While the collaboration with Coldplay was impressive, it was not able to face up to other competitors such as Adele, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles. 

grammy 2023
Coldplay’s album featuring BTS had a slim chance to win against big names such as Adele, Taylore Swift, Beyonce, Harry Styles… 

Moreover, as the Grammys highly appreciates self-composed works performed by the artists themselves, and BTS was still considered to be heavily depended on their entertainment company despite input into the creative process, they are not up to par, to the critics. In the end, it remains difficult for BTS to earn an award. 

BTS has come half way: they were able to perform at the Grammys 2022 but could not bring a trophy home 

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