BTS Jin “You’re a spy if you don’t know that I’m Worldwide Handsome”… Park Myung-soo “You don’t have many friends, right?”

Jin picked “friendliness” as BTS’ charm.

In the video released on the YouTube channel “Halmyungsoo” on the afternoon of Nov 7th, Park Myung-soo and BTS Jin met and built their friendship, drawing attention.

Park Myung-soo, who was watching Jin’s pleasant volubility, praised his sense of humor. Jin said, “I’ve always wanted to be out on TV shows.”

bts jin park myung soo youtube channel

When Park Myung-soo said “People usually pretend not to be funny to maintain their image. They stay quiet”, Jin spoke up, BTS became famous because we were familiar with and friendly. Always try our best wherever we are! That makes us true celebrities.”

bts jin park myung soo youtube channel

Park Myung-soo talked about BTS’ career, “You’re very amazing. It’s hard to do an excellent job like this historically. So it was very emotional.” Jin responded, “It makes me feel like an amazing person when I hear compliments like that. If you compliment my looks, I can confidently accept them. Could you just tell me I’m handsome?”

Jin, whose nickname is “Worldwide Handsome”, went on to say, “You’ve got to be a spy if you don’t know that these days.” Hearing this, Park Myung-soo made everyone laugh by replying, “You don’t have many friends, right? You won’t have friends if you do that.”

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