BTS Jin to apply to cancel his enlistment postponement immediately after his performance in Argentina

BTS Jin will apply for the cancellation of his enlistment postponement immediately after returning from his performance in Argentina.

An industry insider reported, “He will apply as soon as he returns from Argentina and will soon start arranging related matters such as his activities.

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Jin will participate as a special guest at the Argentinean stop of Coldplay World Tour “MUSIC of the SPHERES” on Oct 28th (local time) and perform “The Astronaut” with the band. After finishing the dream final stage that any artist would want, Jin will apply for the cancellation of his enlistment postponement as soon as he returns home.

Earlier on Oct 17th, BTS’ agency Big Hit Music announced, “Jin will apply for the cancellation of his enlistment postponement at the end of this month and follow the enlistment process of the Military Manpower Administration,” adding, “Other members will also perform their military service sequentially according to their plans.

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Jin, who was born in 1992 and is 30 years old, has had his enlistment postponed until the end of this year after being recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism under the revised Military Service Act in 2020.

Jin recently finished the BTS concert in Busan in the middle of October and filmed “Running Man” to keep his promise four years ago after talking to Ji Seok Jin on the phone in 2018 and promising to appear on the show at the time.

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If the “postponement of enlistment until the age of 30” is withdrawn, it is possible that Jin will have to enlist at the earliest at the end of the year. Therefore, after the concert in Argentina, it seems that Jin will effectively organize his overseas activities.

On the other hand, according to HYBE’s expected scenario, if Suga (born in 1993) immediately enlists after Jin, BTS will be temporarily active as a five-member group starting from next year.

The youngest member, Jungkook (born in 1997), is due to enlist in 2028, but if he enlists in 2024, BTS will be able to perform as a full group in 2025.

Moreover, RM (Kim Namjoon) and J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) born in 1994, V (Kim Taehyung), and Jimin (Park Jimin) born in 1995, will enlist one after another.

On November 2017, BTS became the first K-Pop artist to join this campaign to prevent violence against youth and children.

Therefore, some argue that the revision of the related laws should be carried out by the Ministry of National Defense and other responsible ministries even if it is too late. “The Hyundai Research Institute estimated that the economic effect that BTS could create between 2014 and 2023 was 56 trillion won in data released in 2018,” said proponents of the law revision, pointing out, “The entire Korean industry is being affected by BTS. The disappearance of tangible and intangible additional points is a serious problem in the national interest”.

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