BTS Jin Shows Unstoppable Love for Youngest Member Jungkook

Group BTS's Jin showed his affection for member Jungkook.

On the 2nd, Jin shared a photo with the caption, “Jungkook, I found this at the company, so I’m wearing it~”.

In the photo, Jin is wearing a sweatshirt printed with the concept photo from Jungkook’s first solo album ‘GOLDEN’. Jin is even striking the same pose as Jungkook in the photo, showcasing his playful side.

However, what stands out the most is Jin’s visual. Recently discharged, Jin boasts his good looks even with his short hairstyle. His added masculinity further excites fans.

bts jin

Jin enlisted as an active-duty soldier in December 2022 and served as an instructor at the 5th Infantry Division recruit training center in Yeoncheon County, Gyeonggi Province. He was discharged last month on the 12th.

After his discharge, Jin’s first schedule was attending BTS’s 11th debut anniversary celebration ‘FESTA 2024’ on June 13. He also announced his appearance on the MBC variety show ‘It’s Glad You Rested’, and he is set to depart for Paris soon to participate as a torchbearer for the Paris Olympics on the 27th. He is also currently recording new music.

Jungkook enlisted as an active-duty soldier last December and is currently serving as a private in the artillery brigade of the 5th Infantry Division. He is scheduled to be discharged on June 11, 2025.

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