BTS Jin released a surprise solo song called “Super Tuna” because he loves fishing

BTS’s eldest member Jin gifted a funny song to fans during his busy schedule.

Jin’s solo song “Super Tuna” was released on the official SNS account of BTS’s company at 8:30 P.M on December 4th. “Super Tuna” is a song to celebrate Jin’s 30th birthday. The song is known to have been made by Jin, who enjoys fishing, with a wish for boats with a full load of fish. “Super Tuna” is a dance song with a B-class sensibility and is characterized by an addictive melody. The pleasant lyrics also caught attention as it made people laugh while listening to it: “Who cares if it’s a tuna, a flatfish, a mackerel, or a shark. Come and bite my fishing rod. And tell me, ‘Hey take me with you’.”

BTS Jin Super Tuna

Ahead of the release of “Super Tuna”, Jin went on a live broadcast on Naver V Live and explained, “This was a funny song that I made with an acquaintance brother. My company staff came up with a lot of ideas and passionately planned for the song, so the song was released on digital music sites, and even a choreography video was made.”

BTS Jin Super Tuna

The music video of “Super Tuna” was also well-made, although Jin was in the middle of his busy schedule. In the MV, Jin wears a cute blue overall and performs a choreography created based on the image of fish flapping with the dancers.

BTS Jin Super Tuna
BTS Jin Super Tuna

Meanwhile, BTS held their face-to-face concert at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles for the first after 2 years and met hundreds and thousands of overseas fans. It is reported that the concert alone, which lasted for 4 days, earned up to 39.4 billion won.


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