BTS Jimin talks about life of a superstar “I often feel pretentious, and I don’t like it”

BTS Jimin talked about his stagnation during the pandemic.

On March 9th, Vogue released Jimin’s pictorial and interview. Jimin chose a pink suit as his first outfit for the photo shoot. Jimin said, “I usually prefer simple, solid colors, but this time I’ve gone for something more adventurous.”


BTS ranked first on Billboard’s charts, received Grammy Awards nominations and won grand prize at the American Music Awards. BTS started their second chapter by focusing on solo activities at the same time as Jin’s enlistment in December last year.

However, Jimin said, “We had a hard time at first – we argued. We weren’t used to the work. But now I feel fortunate to be part of the group.”

Jimin talked about his life as a superstar in Korea, “It might just be because I’m young, but I find it hard to open up to friends other than fellow BTS members. I often feel pretentious, and I don’t like it. It’s nice to be able to be completely honest when talking to other members.”


He also expressed his honest feelings about failing to win a Grammy. Jimin said, “Winning a Grammy wasn’t something we’d ever thought about, and I can’t believe we’ve been nominated! It would be great to win the award and make our fans happy. But just being nominated is wonderful. If possible, we want to be there, and we want to perform.”

Jimin talked about the stagnation he experienced during the pandemic, “The past two years have turned out to be almost endless. I’m still young, but for most of my life all I’ve done is perform on stage. I worked really hard because I wanted to be good at it, but suddenly it was taken away from me, and this made me sad.”


Jimin, who has various concerns about vocals, shared, “It’s difficult for me to be satisfied with my voice. Songs that require a lot of technique, which I like, are difficult to nail and hard to sing when performing live, so I’m trying to find an alternative. I was focusing on having my own unique style before developing a solid foundation.”

He added, “So, I’m going back to the beginning. I’m trying to keep it simple and straightforward. This process is tough but also enjoyable because I’m able to go over everything with Jung Kook, who’s doing an excellent job as the main vocalist. I’m happy to have these conversations with him and happy to be able to develop and push myself further.”

Meanwhile, on March 24th, Jimin will release his first solo album “FACE”. Prior to this, he will pre-release the b-side song “Set Me Free Pt.2” on March 17th.

Source: Nate

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