“BTS J-Hope is a ‘raper’?”… The whole story of the “catastrophe” advertisement in the middle of Gangnam

BTS J-Hope suffered a not-so-funny incident with the wrong advertising phrase.

On July 15th, COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul put up an advertisement promoting J-Hope‘s 1st full-length album “Jack In The Box” on the electronic display board.

The advertisement was conducted by a Chinese fandom and was intended to celebrate BTS’ first solo album. However, a ridiculous typo was found in this advertisement.

bts j-hope

In the section that introduces J-Hope as a rapper, the phrase “RAPER” without “P” appeared. “Raper” means looter or sex offender.

Some fans who belatedly confirmed the typo complained to COEX. As of July 19th, the advertisement was reportedly taken down. It is not clear exactly why the misspelling was used in the advertisement.

bts j-hope

Netizens responded to the dizzying incident, saying, “The phrase ‘raper’ covered his face”, “Raper?”, “Isn’t this anti?”, “You put up a big advertisement like that in the middle of Seoul without checking even basic words?”…

J-Hope released his 1st full-length album “Jack In The Box” on July 15th. He will attend the U.S. music festival “LOLLAPALOOZA” as a headliner on July 31st.

Source: nate

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