Netizens’ reaction to j-hope’s “Arson”: cool zombie concept, weird sound, but still memorable

BTS member j-hope released his MV for title song “Arson” and his solo album “Jack In The Box” on July 15th.

At 1 PM (KST) on July 15th, j-hope dropped his solo album, marking BTS’s new phase where they focus on individual activities. The male idol released his double title “MORE” back in July 1st, before following up with the MV for title song “Arson” and the entire album “Jack In The Box”. The MV then promptly reached 2.8 million YouTube views within the first 2 hours of release.

j-hope’s title song “Arson”

If in “MORE”, j-hope transformed into a creepy clown, this time he gets “zombified” in the MV for “Arson”. The MV, which conveys a deep message, along with a strong and throughout hip hop sound, really shows off the idol’s true colors and personality, making it a true “j-hope’s signature”. 

However, this also means that the song is not exactly an easy listen for those unfamiliar. 
j-hope’s “Arson” MV boasts a dark concept right for the first seconds
The MV concludes with an extremely artistic image

According to j-hope, “Arson” embodies the spirit of the entire “Jack In The Box” album, and conveys a strong message of explosive desires, struggles, and aspirations. The song boasts an intense hip hop sound alongside meaningful lyrics, making it a true work of j-hope, fully embedded with the male idol’s colors. However, artistic as this music is, they are not a “commercial sound” that can suit everyone, and fans believe that j-hope is striving for the “art aspect” of music instead of achievement via the song.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • I really like the music and that MV is insane. But the beginning part where it goes “done done burn burn” is kind of hilarious.
  • The MV is full of j-hope’s own colors, and for a male idol to choose this kind of genre? Respect!
  • I’m in full support of j-hope doing this type of music, especially with BTS’s recent songs being very commercialized
  • This song is such a eargasm really, but I prefer “MORE”
  • The MV and beat raises my goosebumps!
  • This kind of music is not for everyone, so hold your words if you don’t have anything nice to say. Just skip the song if it’s not your type and stop complaining
  • “Arson” is shorter and harder to process than “MORE”
  • This is not a commercialized song for sure…

Source: K14

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