BTS is highly sought after in the luxury fashion industry, not only because of their fame

Despite BTS temporary hiatus due to military service, the members are still perfect partners for luxury designer houses.

When BTS announced their temporary “hiatus” as a group, many people worried that the male idols would become quiet, but this simply didn’t happen. In fact, each member of this globally famous boy group is attracting and retaining fans in many different ways, not just through music.

Recently, BTS has been constantly mentioned in the fashion world, showing their irrefutable influence. Luxury fashion brands around the simply do not miss the opportunity to collaborate with the boys.

BTS’ “eternal fame”

After Jin enlisted at the end of 2022, j-hope was the next member to join the military. However, some viewers expressed concern about his position as Louis Vuitton’s brand ambassador, since the male idol was appointed just two days before his enlistment notice.

BTS members are brand ambassadors for various luxury labels. 

On the other hand, international media praised Louis Vuitton’s move to place their trust in a soon-to-be-enlisting artist. In particular, Harper’s Bazaar magazine believes that j-hope’s ambassador position is “a gift” from the brand, considering his many contributions. Accordingly, j-hope’s role is more inspirational and less binding than that of a global ambassador, and fans also show unwavering support.

It is also known that j-hope’s title also brought a powerful media effect for Louis Vuitton.


Besides j-hope, Jimin is appointed as an ambassador by Dior, shortly after BTS’ announcement of temporary hiatus. Jimin and j-hope then appeared together in the front row of the Dior Men Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show, causing a stir on social media.

According to statistics from the brand marketing platform Lefty, Jimin is one of the most influential stars for Dior during the 2023 Paris Fashion Week. Jimin’s two social media posts, where he mentioned Dior, generated 16.7 million USD in EMV (Effective Media Value), accounting for 54% of Dior’s total EMV at the fashion week.


As for Jungkook, it is impossible to forget the “sold-out” phenomenon that Calvin Klein experienced, when they named Jungkook as an ambassador at the end of March.

By this time, Jungkook had not released any solo products, but his performance at the 2023 World Cup opening ceremony was still an important milestone. Thanks to the “Jungkook effect”, the ambassador position of the male singer at Calvin Klein became hotter than ever.

Only a few months after BTS ceased activities temporarily, all members have proven their position in the fashion industry. In particular, Suga was announced as Valentino’s ambassador, V as ambassador for Celine, while RM for Bottega Veneta. 

BTS’ fashion standing is not all about fame

BTS’s appeal to international fashion brands is clearly visible. According to Essential Homme, BTS has a huge and loyal fan base called ARMY. In addition, BTS’s music, messages, and personalities can easily connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. With all these, the group proves to be an attractive choice for brands, who want to reach different customer segments.

The late creative director Virgil Abloh of Louis Vuitton also mentioned BTS as a globally influential group who convey positive energy. Previously on the magazine Options, the late designer redefined masculine fashion and chose BTS to represent revolutionary designs in Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2021 Menswear collection. Here, the 7 members mixed and matched Virgil Abloh’s pieces with their individual styles, as they appeared in the collection’s promotional video.

The synergy between BTS’s unique qualities and the brand continued even as the members pursued individual activities. With BTS’s fame, it is only fitting that their distinctive personalities are targeted by major fashion industry players, said Options.


On the other hand, Harper’s Bazaar reported that Louis Vuitton’s appointment of j-hope as their ambassador is due to his unique fashion sense and love for the label. Dubbed “Hobicore,” j-hope’s streetwear style strongly resembles that of late designer Virgil Abloh, combined with the brand’s fresh “kidcore” direction under creative director Pharrell Williams.

The magazine also highlighted Suga’s suitability as Valentino’s ambassador for the Maison Valentino Essentials campaign. At the time, Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccoli, commented that Suga’s personality and style aligned with the message he wanted to convey in the collection.


Meanwhile, RM signed a contract with Bottega Veneta, according to Hypebae. In an interview with El Pais, the rapper expressed his enthusiasm for the brand’s long-standing tradition in leather and weaving, as well as its no-logo feature. RM also became the first and only campaign ambassador for Bottega Veneta, according to Lifestyle Asia.

Perhaps, Bottega Veneta’s spirit aligns with RM’s personality and image. On the show “Radio Star”, RM is described as serious and hard to joke with by senior label mate Lee Hyun.

Each BTS member’s ambassador position is chosen to match their distinctive styles. 

Alongside Dior, Jimin also took on the role of ambassador for jewelry company Tiffany & Co. Speaking of this collaboration, Grazia magazine reported that the brand utilized Jimin’s distinctive fashion style to promote its products. The famous singer, known for always wearing rings, had a positive impact on Tiffany & Co., especially after he ridded of all accessories to wear only Tiffany & Co’s bracelets in promotional photos.

“As BTS members continue to shine in their solo careers, luxury brands will undoubtedly continue to seek them out for collaborations and ambassador deals. The members’ unique talents and global appeal make them the perfect partners for high-end brands looking to expand their reach and connect with younger audiences. As we keep an eye on their future endeavors, it is clear that the BTS wave is far from subsiding. The K-pop superstars will continue to redefine the entertainment landscape and the world of luxury brand partnerships for years to come”, Essential Homme magazine noted.

V in Louis Vuitton’s 2021 collection and Celine’s 2023 collection.

Source: Zing 

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