BTS’ fans are drowning Ariana Grande in comments because of this detail: what’s happening?

Just because of this detail in her Instagram post, Ariana Grande is being criticized by BTS’s fans!

Recently, Ariana Grande upsets many BTS’ fans just by 1 photo. Specifically, Ariana Grande uploaded a screenshot of a text saying “Thank You, Next Album is the BEST selling album of 2019 so far” and many ARMYs have commented in the photo to correct her.

The photo on Instagram which is the main reason for many wars between the 2 fandom

This time, ARMY is right according to the worldwide statistics of the “Map of The Soul: Persona” album which shows that this BTS’s album is the best selling album worldwide so far. Specifically, “Thank U, Next” album has sold 2.411.000 copies worldwide while “Map of The Soul: Persona” has reached 3.679.000 copies worldwide, which is thrice that of Ariana.

However, many are also standing up for the female diva and explained that the text only referred to the U.S market. If only the sales in the U.S is counted, then “Thank U, Next” is indeed the best selling album of 2019 so far (1,367,000 copies) while “Map of The Soul: Persona” stops at 439.500 copies.

Many comments are asking for Arinana to update the information:

Whatever they say, BTS and Ariana Grande still support each other. Jungkook has come to the Sweetened World Tour and even went backstage to take a photo with Ariana. The young diva even posted on her SNS that she used that photo as her phone wallpaper. This is why the incident this time is just a misunderstanding.

Jungkook and Ariana’s photo backstage a few weeks ago

Latest update: Ariana Grande has deleted the photo, which means that ARMY is doing the right thing!

Source: Kenh14

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