Brave Girls’ remake of Brown Eyed Girls’ hit “How Come” drew criticism

The “Kpop’s miracle group” Brave Girls recently remade “How Come”, a previous hit song of Brown Eyed Girls. 

On May 23rd, Brave Girls released on various music platforms their own take on Brown Eyed Girls’  “How Come”. 

The song’s chorus was sung in a different way, with Brave Girls member Yujeong’s refreshing voice, as well as Yuna and Eunji’s unique vocal colors, which drew many audiences to the song. 

Brave Girls
Netizens express their love for the new remake on online communities.

The powerful singing of Brave Girls’ main vocal Minyoung, also served to make the song richer and more resounding. 

However, many fans believed that this “How Come” remake did not fully utilize the charm of Brave Girls, and felt lackluster compared to the original track.  Some also complained about the disappearance of high notes that were the killing part of the song, commenting that the piece felt empty and unfamiliar without such vocal show-off. 

In addition, the MV for the remake was said to be too similar to the retro concept of Brave Girls’ Chi Mat Ba Ram, which was released in June last year, and has since fallen out of trend. 

Brave Girls
Brave Girls’ take on Brown Eyed Girls’ “How Come” drew mixed reactions. 
Brave Girls
Their new MV was said to resemble their previous summer release “Chi Mat Ba Ram”.

Others also expressed their dissatisfaction with this remake version of “How Come”, writing comments like “I think the original song is better” and “The members are really good together”. 

Brave Girls’ music video was also a mash-up of old videos to fit the mood of the song, but according to some, these videos failed to capture the members’ visuals. 

Brave Girls

Even more saddening, many people said they were sorry for Brave Girls’ coordination and production. At the moment, Brave Girls is a strong contestant on the Mnet’s girl group survival program “Queendom 2”. 

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