“Bossam” couple Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri to reunite with “Good Job”

Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri, the main cast of “Bossam: Steal the Fate”, will reunite so much sooner than fans have expected.

An entertainment industry insider told Sports Chosun on Mar 18th, “Jung Il-woo and Kwon-ri will reunite with KT Seezn’s new drama ‘Good Job’.” “Good Job” is a drama that contains a thrilling romantic investigation story of chaebol detective Eun Hyun-ki and a busybody with good eyesight Han Seol-rok. Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri play Eun Hyun-ki and Han Seol-rok, respectively.

Jung Il Woo Kwon Yuri

Eun Hyun-ki, played by Jung Il-woo, is the chairman of YU Group and a detective at the 221B office. He was born with the dignity and wit of a chaebol family member, and has grown into an even more prominent person over the years because he was too bright and clever since childhood. He’s a show-off with a perfect body, martial arts skills, and a wide knowledge of academic mathematics.

Han Seol-rok, played by Kwon Yu-ri, is an assistant, secretary and chef at the 221B Detective Agency. She is always cheerful, and infinitely positive. No one can stop her from growing. She has seen and is seeing a lot of things because of her supervision, which is why she has a lot on her mind. But as she can‘t help getting involved, there’s rarely a day that passes by without her getting involved in other people’s problems.

Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri have fulfilled fans’ wishes as they made a quick reunion after working together in MBN’s historical drama “Bossam: Steal the Fate”, which ended successfully last year with a viewership of 9.8% (based on Nielsen Korea’s paid household nationwide rating release). In “Bossam”, Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri met each other as Ba-woo and Su-kyeong. Telling a fateful romance, the two received enthusiastic attention from the viewers and showed good performances in both ratings and hot topics. As the viewers kept requesting their reunion, a meeting took place earlier than expected to repay love from fans.

Both actors have been carrying out many activities in their fields as trustworthy actors. Jung Il-woo proved his strength in historical and modern dramas. Meanwhile, after debuting as a member of the top idol group Girls’ Generation, Kwon Yu-ri was also recognized for her diverse acting skills through “Bossam”, “Break-up Suspension”, “Innocent Defendant”, “Goh, The Starry Night”, etc. In addition, she recently showed off her talents as a mentor in MBC’s My Teenage Girland also announced her appearance in Disney+’s entertainment show “The Zone: Endure to Live”, raising high expectations.

Jung Il Woo Kwon Yuri

The filming of “Good Job” will begin in April and the drama will be released through KT Seezn.


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