BoA shared, “Suppressed feelings in my 20s exploded… Lee Hyo-ri was the person who taught me about entertainment”

Kim Wan-sun, BoA and Hwasa recalled past memories of when they had to follow restrictions.

In TVing’s original show “Seoul Check-in”, which was released on April 29th, Lee Hyo-ri visited Kim Wan-sun’s house. They were together with Uhm Jung-hwa, BoA, and Hwasa that day.


Uhm Jung-hwa mentioned the days she was a chorus member for MBC and asked Kim Wan-sun, “Wasn’t it feel a bit trapped?”. Recalling that time when Kim Wan-sun was active as a singer, Uhm Jung-hwa shared, “I often ate at 6 o’clock before the show at 7 o’clock. I usually went to the cafeteria. Wan-sun came there many times. But I had never seen her eat. ‘Why doesn’t she eat?’, I thought and wanted to go sit next to her. She actually didn’t eat anything before shows”.


Kim Wan-sun confessed, “There were things that I was not allowed to eat. I gathered with other people but always watched them eat”. That’s why she didn’t have energy and often stayed still. Kim Wan-sun said, “Right before the show, I ate only one hard ice cream”, and expressed her regret.


Lee Hyo-ri turned to BoA and asked if the surveillance on her was severe since she debuted at such a young age. BoA laughed and confessed, “Before, I was too tired to go anywhere after practicing”, adding, “But when suppressed feelings in my 20s exploded, I went to karaoke with Hyo-ri unnie. She taught me about entertainment”.

Revealing that she was also strictly managed by her agency during her debut days, Hwasa said, “We packed our bags and tried to escape early in the morning”. She added, “We went to a bar. Places like clubs were so scary so we didn’t go there. We exchanged emails asking each other, ‘Where are you?’. It was almost like in the 90s”. 

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