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BoA “I turned on the TV and muted it when I was active in Japan”… Way to overcome loneliness

BoA sympathized with Yuju’s work method.

On JTBC’s “Music Universe K-909“, which aired on Oct 1st, Ailee, Yuju and Lily‘s special collaboration stage was revealed.


Ailee, Yuju and Lily gathered in the ensemble room ahead of the stage. Ailee shared, “I thought each of our fans would like it so much, so I prepared it with a lot of excitement.”


Lily, Yuju and Ailee reinterpreted each other’s songs with their own colors: Lily – Yuju’s “Time for the moon night”, Yuju – Ailee’s “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow”, Ailee – NMIXX’s “O.O”. After the stage, Ailee confessed, “We have to sing each other’s songs differently. We sang together with the concert band I usually work with because I thought we wouldn’t be able to show our individual charms if we did it with the existing accompaniment. I tried to arrange and decorate the stage so that my juniors could shine more.”


Lily said excitedly, “I asked my manager to make sure I could perform with these amazing seniors.”

Yuju, who writes and composes herself, revealed her unusual habit when working on music. Yuju explained, “I like to work on music at home, but I felt lonely doing it. After thinking about what to do, I turned on the TV and muted it. It worked because of the light that looked like someone was hanging around.”

BoA sympathized, “When I’m alone for too long, I sometimes feel lonely. At that time, when someone is moving on the TV, I feel like they’re with me. I turned on the TV and muted it like Yuju when I was active in Japan. Doing this made me feel like I was in Korea. I could understand Yuju’s feelings.”

Source: daum

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