Blue-Eyed Song Kang to New Human Lee Do-hyun: ‘Sweet Home 3’ Faces a Desperate Final Battle

'Sweet Home 3' Teases a Grand Finale

On the 3rd, the main poster and main trailer for season 3 of the Netflix series ‘Sweet Home‘ were released.

‘Sweet Home 3’ is a Netflix series depicting a more desperate and intense struggle of those caught between the blurry lines of monsters and humans in a world that has finally reached the end of monstrosity and the beginning of a new humanity.

sweet home 3

The released main poster captures attention with a completely destroyed and burning stadium, featuring the intense visuals of ‘Hyun-soo’ (Song Kang) and ‘Sang-wook’ (Lee Jin-wook). Hyun-soo, with his wings covered in sharp spikes, and Sang-wook, with his long tentacles capable of piercing opponents instantly, starkly illustrate their confrontation, building anticipation for their tense narrative and action-packed scenes.

In particular, while in season 1 of ‘Sweet Home’ they started as allies aiming for the same goal, their relationship turned adversarial in season 2, raising curiosity about what conclusion their relationship will reach in season 3.

The main trailer, which was also released, begins with scenes of ‘Hyun-soo’ from season 1 to season 3 of ‘Sweet Home’. The line “From the beginning until now, I was you. I was always inside you,” spoken by ‘Monster Hyun-soo’, hints that he has been deeply embedded in Hyun-soo from the start.

sweet home 3

In the trailer, ‘Eun-yu’ (Go Min-si) tries to persuade ‘Hyun-soo’ with blue eyes to go with her, raising questions about whether she can stay with the monster-possessed Hyun-soo until the end and their journey together. Additionally, the appearance of ‘Sang-wook’ arriving at the stadium with his followers and the terrified survivors locked up foretell the cruel reality of facing imminent danger.

The return of ‘Eun-hyuk’ (Lee Do-hyun) with the line “I was a human like you in the past, but eventually, I became a being reborn,” signals the full-fledged emergence of new humanity, increasing anticipation. Furthermore, the intense, uncompromising fight between ‘Hyun-soo’ and ‘Eun-hyuk’ adds to the curiosity about their unpredictable story.

Also featured are ‘Lee Kyung’ (Lee Si-young), who awakens in human form unlike before when she was overtaken by monsters, the desperate survival struggles of ‘Eun-yu’ and ‘Chan-young’ (Jin-young), and the journeys of ‘Tak In-hwan’ (Yoo Oh-sung), ‘Dr. Lim’ (Oh Jung-se), ‘Kim Young-hoo’ (Kim Moo-yeol), and ‘Ayi’ (Kim Si-ah). ‘Sweet Home’ season 3 teases a grand finale with the choices and more desperate battles of those standing at the end of all evolution.

sweet home 3

Director Lee Eung-bok, who helmed the series, said, “With various characters appearing, I hope viewers will cheer for their favorite characters. Pay attention to the battles of ‘Sang-wook’, who has become a demon, and ‘Hyun-soo’, who is trying to maintain his humanity, ‘Lee Kyung’s mission to protect ‘Ayi’, and ‘Tak Sang-sa’s’ determination to protect the people.”

Season 1, which marked the beginning of K-creature horror with monsters born from desire, and season 2, which expanded the universe by highlighting humans surviving the prolonged monster crisis, lead up to the grand finale with the birth of new humanity in ‘Sweet Home’ season 3, premiering on the 19th.

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