BLACKPINK’s outfit during concert in Arabia drew attention for a reason

Once again, BLACKPINK shows their top-notch fashion sense

BLACKPINK showed professionalism when changing the performance outfit at the Born Pink concert that took place in Arabia recently.

BLACKPINK changed their performing outfits during a recent concert in Arabia to better meet the local sensibilities. Particularly, the four members dressed more covertly and securely than they had previously when doing concerts abroad. Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé wore black tights, and Jennie wore tight jeans
blackpink hongkong concert
When performing in other Asian countries, the girls don’t wear tights, showing off their long legs
Netizens give BLACKPINK a lot of praise since the group has subtly changed their costumes to match the dress code in Arabia.
blackpink concert
BLACKPINK girls didn’t wear sexy outfits to avoid controversies
Out of all 4 girls, Jennie is the one receiving the most compliments. While 3 members wore tights, only Jennie wore jeans
blackpink jennie
Besides, Jennie also changed a lot of outfits when performing different songs.
blackpink jennie concert
Not showing off her sexy beauty like in European concerts, Jennie’s change in outfit is highly appreciated

Source: K14

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