BLACKPINK’s Lisa Releases Behind-the-Scenes for “Rockstar” Amid Criticisms

Lisa from the group BLACKPINK has unveiled behind-the-scenes concept photos for her solo track "Rockstar", despite mixed reviews.

On July 4, Lisa posted several “Rockstar” concept photos on her social media. In the photos, Lisa added a touch of glamor with oversized earrings that are rarely seen in everyday life. She matched the color of her nails, rings, and bracelets with silver tones for a sparkling effect.

She also showcased a striking visual with oversized goggles, piercings, and tooth gems.

While some praised her focus on the concept, saying it looks “truly impressive,” others shared negative opinions, calling it “confusing,” “lacking in mass appeal,” and “too much.”

On the other hand, “Rockstar” marks Lisa’s first comeback after the establishment of LLOUD Co., and the album is the first to be released under the partnership with RCA Records, a label under Sony Music, one of the top three distributors in the United States.

Lisa’s “Rockstar”, released on June 27, immediately climbed to 8th place on the global chart on Spotify in the United States.

Source: TenAsia

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