BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Shares Fun-Filled Berlin Vlog with Jennie

On the 10th, singer Jisoo posted a video titled “BERLIN vlog” on her YouTube channel ‘Happiness Jisoo 103%’. In the video, Jisoo arrived in Berlin and headed straight to a hotpot restaurant. After enjoying her hotpot, she visited a market to buy ice cream for dessert. She was amazed by the winter-themed ice cream and praised the attention to detail.

At a department store in Berlin, Jisoo said, “I just shopped with Lisa and had dessert. Lisa left to watch ‘Avatar 2,’ which just premiered.” She also mentioned that it was too cold outside, so she planned to spend more time indoors with her parents the next day.

The following day, Jisoo showed her date with her parents. They visited a museum and marveled at the grand and mysterious architecture. After reading an explanation of the building, Jisoo was satisfied and smiled brightly.

Jisoo also shared a day with Jennie. They ate street food together and showed off their adorable sister-like chemistry. While watching a Santa performance, Jisoo made a simple wish for delicious treats.


Jisoo eagerly searched for a popular dessert, strawberry Tanghulu, and finally found it in a store. After taking a bite with Jennie, Jisoo was moved to tears and expressed her gratitude. Their daily life together brought smiles to their fans.

Source: Youtube

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