BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is crowned the most beautiful Korean actress of 2022, based on fan votes

The results for KingChoice’s Top 10 most beautiful Korean actresses of 2022 are in. 

Visual rankings of Korean celebrities always gain fans’ attention. Recently, KingChoice, a famous polling website, held a vote for “The most beautiful Korean actress of 2022” and here are the Top 10 female stars with the highest votes. 

Top 10: Kim Yoo Jung

Starting out as a child star, Kim Yoo Jung has now transformed into a gorgeous adult actress with highly appreciated acting skills. After growing up, Kim Yoo Jung has continued to challenge herself in different genres without sticking to one image. When it comes to visuals, Kim Yoo Jung stuns with her pure, radiant and refreshing beauty. 

The most beautiful Korean actress of 2022

Top 9: Han So Hee

After shooting to fame with her mistress role in “The World of The Married” and achieving much success with her first lead roles in 2021, Han So Hee is now one of the most popular Korean actresses in their 20s. Han So Hee stands out not only with her beautiful face but also captivating aura. She can look soft and feminine but also edgy and fierce, making her charm irresistible. 

The most beautiful Korean actress of 2022

Top 8: Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo has almost never missed a spot in the rankings of most beautiful Korean actresses since she was in her 20s until now. Now that she has entered her 40s, Song Hye Kyo exudes even more elegance and maturity. Although her latest drama “Now We Are Breaking Up” was not a big success, she is still greatly loved by many viewers. 

The most beautiful Korean actress of 2022

Top 7: Son Ye Jin

The original “nation’s first love” earns 7th place in this poll. Son Ye Jin has been known for her graceful and innocent beauty ever since she made her on-screen debut. This year, Son Ye Jin has turned 40 but she still creates a buzz with her gorgeous visuals every time she graces the screen.

The most beautiful Korean actress of 2022

Top 6: Suzy

Another “nation’s first love” of Korea, idol-turned actress Suzy takes 6th place. Suzy has a traditional beauty that gives off pure and sweet vibes. Suzy has been active in the industry for a long time, and there has not been a day she fails to impress netizens with her beauty.

The most beautiful Korean actress of 2022

Top 5: Kim Go Eun

Surprisingly, Kim Go Eun surpassed many beauty symbols to finish at 5th place. The actress is said to look very likable, her bright smile is the most attractive point that can make others fall in love. However, saying that she has a typical beauty is not very convincing. To be more precise, Kim Go Eun has a controversial beauty, some people say she’s beautiful, others don’t, so this top 5 position can be a bit confusing for many.

kim go eun

Top 4: Lee Se Young

Another surprise, Lee Se Young, a beauty who is not mentioned in many beauty charts, occupies the top 4. The reason that her name is rarely mentioned is not because she is not beautiful, but because she has few outstanding movies so she’s not known to many. But Lee Se Young is actually very pretty, she has a charming smile and big eyes. She might have got this high position thanks to the success of The Red Sleeve at the end of last year. Hopefully from now on, Lee Se Young’s works will also prosper so that her beauty can receive the attention it deserves.

The most beautiful Korean actress of 2022

Top 3: Seo Ye Ji

Despite being caught up in a scandal that caused her to be on an almost 1-year-long hiatus, it seems that Seo Ye Ji is still sought after and loved by everyone in the international market. This beauty has many advantages which are her luxurious aura, beautiful and eye-catching figure, and an impressive face. These high votes prove that fans are looking forward to Seo Ye Ji’s comeback. Let’s wait for this beauty to return in the near future.

The most beautiful Korean actress of 2022

Top 2: Kim So Hyun

While her friend of the same age is at the top 9, Kim So Hyun has excellently climbed straight to the top 2. It can be said that although she made quite slow progress when she was young, once she did, she immediately excelled. After growing up, she became the hottest among the child stars of the past. So Hyun exudes a gentle, lovely aura from her personality to her beauty, which makes people fall in love. Kim So Hyun is indeed the future goddess of the Korean film industry.

The most beautiful Korean actress of 2022

Top 1: Jisoo

And finally, the beauty champion of Korean actresses has appeared. She hasn’t acted in many dramas but surely everyone knows her, Jisoo. Jisoo has an eye-catching beauty. All her facial features stand out from her eyes, nose, and mouth, so she can wear all kinds of makeup and still attract attention. Although she only had her first lead role in Snowdrop, Jisoo performed perfectly and scored high points in the eyes of viewers, along with the inherently towering reputation, it is not difficult to guess that the BLACKPINK beauty has surpassed all the seniors. Congratulations to Jisoo and let’s look forward to the next work of this gorgeous beauty.


A result that is too surprising and unpredictable, right? Most familiar names are pushed to the bottom, and the top area is full of rarely seen names. This is also a good sign of the role shift between two generations. Even so, many people may still find this ranking confusing and objectionable.

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