BLACKPINK’s Jennie caused controversies with the new series of lingerie advertising photos

The recent lingerie advertising photos of BLACKPINK’s Jennie are receiving mixed opinions from the public.

Recently, Jennie appeared in a set of lingerie advertising photos of a famous brand. In these photos, the famous BLACKPINK member shows off her perfect figure, slim body and very impressive expressions. 

On her personal page, Jennie also posted a series of photos wearing lingerie during this promotion. It is known that this is part of the brand’s Spring 2022 promotion campaign and the BLACKPINK’s main rapper will also appear in many other campaigns as the global ambassador of the brand. 

Jennie appeared sexy in the lingerie advertising photo series
The BLACKPINK member shows off her sexy and and slim body 

The keyword “Jennie for CK SS22” immediately entered the list of trending keywords on global Twitter from February 16th, which is proof for Jennie’s strong charm. 

“Not any artists can advertise for lingerie. This is the first time since Lee Hyori, a female idol appeared with such captivating aura in an underwear advertisement”, “Her figure is perfect”, “Jennie’s shoulder is such a work of art, I’m really jealous”, “The set of photos is very beautiful and is absolutely not offensive”, etc. are the compliments that the online community give for Jenny. 

In addition to compliments for Jennie’s charisma and figure, some comments said that Jennie’s underwear advertisement with sexy and bold pose made her lose her good impression from fans.  

Some harsh comments for the BLACKPINK member: “I wish she didn’t do lingerie modeling. The brand benefits from this but I think it will negatively affect Jennie’s image”, ” The singer’s job is to focus on singing, not doing these things”, “The photos are somewhat unreal, perhaps they edited or added accessories for Jennie”, etc. 

blackpink jennie
Jennie is currently one of the members with the most advertisement contracts of the BLACKPINK thanks to the special love from fans 
blackpink jennie
Jennie’s advertising photos became a hot trend on Twitter 
blackpink jennie
In addition to compliments, some comments said that the set of photos was a bit bold and could ruin Jennie’s image 

Since her debut, Jennie has repeatedly stunned fans with style changes. The girl born in 1996 always shines in every frame thanks to her outstanding beauty, unique charisma and perfect doll-like body. 

In 2020, Jennie had trouble with the sexy nurse image in the Lovesick Girls MV. The Korean Health and Medical Workers Union has criticized the young star for creating a disrespectful image of women in the medical industry.

According to the union representative, women are often questioned about their professional competence or sexually harassed just because of their gender. Therefore, Jennie’s sexy image makes female nurses feel hurt, insulting to their gender and profession. The incident caused Jennie to issue an apology. 

blackpink jennie
Jennie is currently one of the two richest members of BLACKPINK with a respectable salary 
blackpink jennie
Jennie deserves the title IT Girl of the Korean young music industry
Jennie attended Paris Fashion Week in France 

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