BLACKPINK’s fans were furious when Lisa had to perform alone in a corner of the stage

It seems that bad luck continues to come to BLACKPINK when Lisa suddenly becomes a “victim” due to a technical error at the group’s recent concert.

During the concert at Hamilton, Canada on April 27, BLACKPINK had a technical problem that greatly affected the performance of the group. Specifically, at the “Forever Young” performance, Lisa’s standing platform was not raised like the other three members, making her perform in a state of falling in between other girls and separated from the members.

Lisa’s stand was not raised, so she had to dance alone in the corner

However, Lisa still proved her professional attitude while continuing to perform without any problem or interruption. In addition to complimenting Lisa for her clever handling of the situation, her fans also got angry and suggested that the technical staff were distracted and did not fulfill their task, making their idol have to “suffer”.

On the other hand, there are opinions that technical errors in concerts are unavoidable and no one wants them to happen. But it is very likely that the incident was beyond the control of the staff even though they tried to fix it. So instead of criticizing the staff, we should continue to enjoy the great performances and give more compliments to Lisa’s professionalism.

No matter what, hope that the next stages of BLACKPINK’s concert will encounter no problem so the fans can wholeheartedly enjoy the incredible performances instead of arguing over the things that shouldn’t have happened.

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