Jeon Somi’s fate: Will her debut be affected by the bad luck of being delayed like the other YG’s rookies?

Unfortunately, Somi herself also couldn’t run away from the bad luck like her colleagues from YG Entertainment.

The public is highly expecting Jeon Somi’s first album after her departure from JYP Entertainment to join The Black Label. According to her new agency, Somi will debut as a solo, however it will be postponed.

According to an insider’s source, Somi’s solo debut album which is set to be released next month will be delayed due to internal issues. Apart from that, the soon-to-be solo artist also want to perfect her music for a better quality. The estimated release date is delayed until the end of May.

Somi’s debut and her first album will be delayed ‘til the end of May.

Before this, The Black Label has announced that Somi’s debut will be on May 1st and the title song will be produced by Teddy himself. Howeer, even though Somi is expected to debut in early May, the agency haven’t given any teaser or hint about her album, which confuses many. Many thinks that the debut plan for this I.O.I’s ex-member is affected by YG Entertainment’s recent crisis.

At the moment, except for Sohye who is pursuing her acting career, Somi is the only one from I.O.I who hasn’t officially debut after the project group disbanded. Her debut was delayed many times which makes many pity for the unfortunate career of one of the most talented and famous members of I.O.I.

Signing with The Black Label, we all thought that Somi’s career will have a bright future ahead, not the current situation.

Source: kenh14

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