BLACKPINK wore Manchester United club T-shirts in their newest MV 

In BLACKPINK pre-release single “PInk Venom” Jennie appeared like true girl boss in a Manchester United T-shirt

In the MV “Pink Venom”, released on August 19th, all BLACKPINK members attract attention for their spectacular visuals, but Jennie stands out to soccer fans. In particular, the female rapper was dressed in a Manchester United shirt, with the word “Jennie” and the number “96”, which represented her birth year, in the back. 

blackpink jennie
Jennie in the Manchester United T-shirt 

In this regard, netizens are showing various reactions, saying, “This can’t be…,” “There’s a possibility that they don’t even know what Manchester United is,” “We told Manchester United to recruit new player but turns out they just recruit idols,” and “They should have wear Man City or Liverpool’s uniform”, “I guess it’s a trend for female idols to wear soccer uniforms,” ect. Netizens’ response is related to the current situation of Manchester United, which has recently been sluggish.

Previously in 2020, Kpop boy group Stray Kids also received a lot of reaction from soccer fans when they wore vintage shirts from large clubs like Celtic and Real Madrid in their “My Pace” MV. 

blackpink jennie

“Pink Venom” marks the return of BLACKPINK after 2 years of no group activities. Following this pre-release single, BLACKPINK will also drop their 2nd full album “Born Pink” on September 16th.  

Meanwhile, the MV for “Pink Venom” recorded about 8 million views within just 30 minutes of release. BLACKPINK is also going on a world tour from October 2022 to June 2023. 

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