BLACKPINK Rosé reveals unstoppable love for Korean ramen, even eats it at Cannes

Rosé, a member of BLACKPINK, revealed her essential items, including “Buldak Bokkeum Myeon” (Korean spicy stir-fried chicken noodles).

On May 25th (Korean time), a video was released on Vogue France’s YouTube channel, introducing the items inside Rosé’s bag, who is an ambassador for Saint Laurent.

On this day, Rosé said, “It’s a pouch that I carry around every day,” and explained, “It contains many things.”

First, Rosé took out an oil blotting paper and recommended it, saying, “This helps absorb the oil on my face. It’s great because my face tends to get oily.”

Then, she took out an acne patch and smiled, saying, “I don’t usually get acne often, but sometimes I get a few big ones. When that happened, I saw this on the internet and immediately ordered it. The case is also very cute.”

Rosé showed another small pouch and said, “I always lose hair ties. And when I lose them at home, I can’t find them. Sometimes I put pins in here too. When I buy pants and they are too loose, I need this.”

She then took out the Buldak Bokkeum Myeon sauce from her bag and focused her attention on it. Rosé then showed her affection for the spicy sauce, saying, “This is a spicy sauce that enhances the taste of instant noodles. I always carry this small sauce with me.”


In addition, she revealed genuine favorite items such as dental floss, a portable mirror, books, first aid medicine, masks, and sunglasses.

Meanwhile, on May 17th (local time), Rosé attended the 76th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France as an ambassador for Saint Laurent.

Source: Xports News

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