BLACKPINK, NewJeans or aespa? Netizens pick the Kpop girl-group with the perfect line-up

Korean netizens voted for the girl groups with the perfect lineup including BLACKPINK, NewJeans, aespa, LE SSERAFIM, and ITZY.

Recently, a topic that has received attention on social media is about girl groups with the best lineup right now. Netizens have pointed out 5 highly rated groups: BLACKPINK, NewJeans, aespa, LE SSERAFIM and ITZY.


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The YG girl group is formed by 4 girls. It can be said that the BLACKPINK lineup is the dream girl group lineup that many entertainment companies are aiming for. All 4 members Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa take on important roles. Each has a striking style, but when together, they create the perfect whole.



Oriented like BLACKPINK, super rookie NewJeans owns 5 talented girls with fresh looks and trendy style. Many viewers commented it was very pleasant to see the energy of NewJeans when performing together. The NewJeans lineup is harmonious, yet each girl is still outstanding.


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After the leave of Kim Garam, Le Sserafim is increasingly appreciated their visuals and performance skills. The members all have outstanding auras, and their performance skills are getting better and better. When standing next to each other, they create the perfect lineup in terms of visuals.


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Having something in common with YG’s global girl group is a 4-member lineup, aespa since debut has been evaluated as an ambition to create SM’s BLACKPINK. Although there are many controversies surrounding the visuals of the 4 aespa girls since their debut, it is undeniable that aespa is the perfect group in terms of visuals. Besides, each girl has a special personality that compensates for each other when working together.



JYP’s 4th generation group has been highly appreciated for their performance and dance skills since their debut. 5 ITZY girls are almost the same height. They all have toned bodies and good dancing skills. The ITZY lineup is one of the best that JYP has ever created.

Source: K14

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