BLACKPINK Lisa’s perfect long legs stunned netizens once again

Lisa’s perfect body proportions amazed not only fans but also the public.

Lisa’s heavenly treasure, aside from her musical talent, is her slim legs and “insane” physical ratios. Called an “insane” ratio because even though she is only 1m67 tall, looking at her overall body, everyone thinks that Lisa must be 1m72 tall. This golden ratio has recently gotten a lot of attention.

blackpink lisa
I can’t believe this is a girl who is only 1m67 tall! Long legs, tiny waist and comic-characterlike skeleton.
blackpink lisa
The pants make Lisa’s legs much more attractive
blackpink lisa
Thanks to her beautiful proportioned figure with short back – long legs – small head, Lisa looks like a 1m8 tall girl if she wears high heels.
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