BLACKPINK Lisa’s Final Crazy Horse Performance Delayed by Half an Hour, The Reason is Related to Jennie? 

Jennie’s visit to Crazy Horse cabaret to support Lisa on her third performance has become a hot topic 

On September 30th, BLACKPINK Lisa completed her final night at the Crazy Horse cabaret. Unlike the previous two nights, the schedule for Lisa’s last performance was delayed by 30 minutes. 

The reason for this delay turns out to be related to Jennie. Jennie departed from Korea at 1 PM KST on September 30th. The flight from Incheon Airport (Korea) to Paris (France) took about 13 and a half hours. It also took Jennie at least 1 hour to travel from the French airport to Crazy Horse. Therefore, in theory, Jennie could have appeared at Crazy Horse at around 8:30 PM to 9 PM on September 30th (local time).

In the original schedule, Lisa’s performance was supposed to start at 9 PM on September 30th. However, the Crazy Horse team considered possible traffic situations and decided to delay Lisa’s performance by about 30 minutes to ensure that Jennie could make it in time to watch the show.

lisa blackpink behind the scene crazy horse
Lisa’s recent performance was delayed by about half an hour. The Crazy Horse team sent an email to the audience to inform them of the schedule change.
jennie crazy horse
As soon as she arrived in Paris, Jennie immediately went to Crazy Horse to watch Lisa’s performance. 
Lisa blackpink Frederic Arnault
In addition to Jennie, billionaire heir Frédéric Arnault (Lisa’s rumored boyfriend) also came to watch the final performance of Lisa 

Source: K14

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