BLACKPINK Jisoo reveals her action if BLINKs became cockroaches at fansign event

On May 24th, a new episode was uploaded on Jisoo’s official YouTube channel. In the video, Jisoo joined a private fan signing event and met her fans at the Sangam Nuri Dream Square.


Jisoo made use of some free time while being on the move and saying, “It was raining a lot yesterday and today too. I wonder why it always rains whenever I have such an event”, adding, “It’s not raining right now. I hope it doesn’t rain when it’s over so BLINKS can get home safely”. 

Luckily, the event proceeded without any obstacles. Jisoo met with her fans one by one, talked to them, and exchanged gifts. One fan asked a popular question, “What if BLINKs turn into a cockroach?


The “FLOWER” singer covered her mouth to hide a surprised expression. She replied, “I’m so scared of cockroaches. If you guys turn into a cockroach at home…” In addition, Jisoo said, “I’ll just give that house to BLINKS forever… I’ll feed you guys every day, though”. 

Source: sports khan 

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