BLACKPINK Jennie’s “right-angle” shoulders can be achieved with just 10 minutes a day

There is a stretching method that can create right-angle shoulders like BLACKPINK Jennie by investing only 10 minutes a day.

A stretching method, which is said to be able to create beautiful shoulders by just following it for 10 minutes a day, has been gaining attention. In addition to being able to have beautiful shoulders like BLACKPINK Jennie, the exercise is also known to completely eliminate shoulder pain.


In particular, this stretching method was posted on the YouTube channel “JSYJ”, and is a stretching method taught by a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor with 11 years of experience.

First, sit on the floor, pull your right shoulder back, and push your head forward. Your head should be slightly tilted to the left. Repeat this action 10 times.

Next, pull your right shoulder back again and pull it down. Then, push your head forward and slightly tilt it to the left.

In this position, if you turn your head a little more to the left, you will feel a slight pull on your neck. Then, repeat the action of slowly “shrugging” your shoulder 8 times.

If you repeat these two actions in the opposite direction 10 times and 8 times respectively, the stretching exercise is completed.

Source: Insight

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