BLACKPINK Jennie can do everything but has difficulty in one problem

What is it that Jennie can’t do?

In addition to her beautiful and charming appearance, Jennie is known as an almighty girl. Not only doing well as BLACKPINK‘s main rapper, she is also very versatile in the field of art. Even so, the female idol still makes many people excited because she can do everything but has difficulty in one problem.

BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Jennie is one of the most talented female K-pop idols.

From the day of her debut with BLACKPINK, Jennie has always attracted a lot of attention as a prominent member in the group. The female idol owns a unique beauty and a perfect body. Besides, she also captivates fans thanks to her top-notch rapping ability. Watching Jennie’s performances, many viewers could not help but admire her powerful voice and fast rap speed.

BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Jennie is one of the female idols who have the best rapping ability.

Despite being a rapper, the female idol does not hesitate to show off her singing skills. She is praised for her beautiful, attractive and unique voice. Many people even say that Jennie’s vocal skills are not inferior to BLACKPINK’s main vocalist Rosé.

Not only has a good voice, the beauty born in 1996 also owns great dancing skills. In group performances or solo stages, she always attracts the audience with her skillful and seductive dances. Aside from this, her stage presence is also highly appreciated. Sexy appearance and immense charisma are Jennie’s plus points.

BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Jennie is also good at dancing and singing.

Singing and dancing well are not enough. The BLACKPINK member also makes people admire for knowing how to play musical instruments. Although she was once criticized for not learning musical instruments studiously, she can now play the guitar and piano. Jennie also surprised netizens with her ability to compose music. She participated in writing lyrics for BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls”.

BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Jennie can play a lot of instruments.
Jennie participated in writing lyrics for “Lovesick Girls”.

Besides her talent in music, Jennie has also achieved much success as a fashion model and CF star. She is most known for being titled the House Ambassador for designer brand Chanel. She is also a Global Ambassador for Calvin Klein and Hera. She has been working with famous eyewear brand Gentle Monster and many other multi-faceted brands. Jennie is also one of the rare K-pop idols who has graced the covers of 6 most famous fashion magazines. 

BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Jennie is currently an ambassador and model for many brands.
BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Her impact is no joke 
BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Jennie is a rare female idol who could unlock the covers of top 6 most well-known magazines, including Elle, W, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire

Jennie is not only good at singing, rapping, dancing and modelling, but also cooking. She once surprised fans with her cooking and baking skills on BLACKPINK’s reality show.

Known as a multi-talented idol, but there is still one thing that Jennie can’t do, which is doing her hair. Recently, in Jennie’s LA vlog posted on her personal YouTube channel, she revealed that she always needs a hair stylist by her side to help her out. But Jennie still often gives her opinions about the hairstyle she wants.

BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Jennie can’t do her own hair.  

Although she can’t style her own hair, every time she shows up with a new hairstyle, she goes viral for it and creates a trend. During her solo promotions for SOLO, she created a buzz with her hair middle-parted with bobby pins on both sides. During How You Like That, Jennie dyed only her bangs and the two-toned hair quickly became a trend. 

Jennie often uses accessories such as bow clips, scrunchies, and Chanel’s ribbons for her hair. These accessories are all sought after by fans to follow Jennie’s style. 

BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Jennie’s hairstyle often creates a trend 
BLACKPINK Jennie hairstyle
Her iconic two-toned hair for How You Like That 

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