BLACKPINK fans found a webtoon character that resembles Rosé

Rosé has even become a model for creators to draw webtoon characters, proving her extraordinary popularity

BLACKPINK fans recently found Rosé’s appearance in a webtoon called “The Empress’ Lipstick” based on the traits of the members’ animated characters in ZEPETO and PUBG.


This webtoon depicts the story centering on Jae In, a typical middle school girl who dreams of becoming a makeup artist. One day, she accidentally gets a mysterious lipstick that allows her to open the gate to a different dimension where she becomes a princess.


Netizens who read “The Empress’ Lipstick” noticed that some characters were created with references from celebrities. In particular, chapter 5 featured a scene where two beautiful and famous girls show up in front of reporters, one of whom was said to be BLACKPINK Rosé. 


Fans pointed out that the image of this character looks similar to Rosé’s pictorial for a campaign of Tiffany & Co., the luxury brand she is working for as an ambassador, from the hairstyle to the outfit and the accessories.

Apart from Rosé, BTS member V was also a reference for a character in “The Empress’ Lipstick”.

Source: koreaboo

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