Black Pink attending today’s event: Totally different from the teaser!

The image of Black Pink in real hair color makes the fans feel cheated… It turns out the teaser picture is only for the filming of the MV.

Today, Black Pink’s fans must have experienced once more time this feeling when seeing 4 members appear in real person at a brand’s event. Black Pink attracted huge attention after they announced the comeback date on April 5.

For four consecutive days, Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé in turn made fans went crazy with the teaser images for their new album “Kill This Love” with a cool and strong girl-crush concept. The fans were shocked when the members changed their hair color to match the new concept, but …

Black Pink’s powerful teaser image.

When looking at reality, it makes the fans panic. Not only their hair color is different, the style of Black Pink when participating in the event was also more feminine and tender than in the teaser photos. Blink (Black Pink’s fan) is tricked once again! Not only that, Jennie’s disappointing outfit and hairstyle made her look a lot older than the other members.

Black Pink’s appearance in their latest event.
Do you think Jennie has blonde hair? You’ve been tricked!!
The real hair color of Jisoo and Rosé.
This is the first time Black Pink appears after announcing their comeback
…and Rosé changed her appearance for this comeback.
Jennie’s appearance was the most surprising. It turned out that she did not dye her hair like in the teaser photo

Source: kenh14

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