Including the illegal video distribution, Seungri’s possibility of being arrest is high with the current 3 charges

Seungri, a former member of Big Bang who claimed to have prevented Jung’s illegal distribution of sex videos several times, was additionally booked on charges of spreading illegal footage.

As he has already been booked on three charges, the possibility of his arrest investigation is increasing. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on the 28th that it has booked Seungri for additional charges of distributing illegal filming.

Seungri recently claimed that he has been actively stopping Jung Joon-young offline after seeing him spreading illegal images in the group chat. But he was immediately put to shame after the police confirmed the photo-type footage that was illegally circulated by Seungri. “He admitted to spreading the illegal footage, but he is currently denying filming/taking it,” police said. “He claims he only received the photos and distributed them“.

Seungri was booked on charges of violating the law on prostitution and other acts, as well as violating the Food Sanitation Act. He has only admitted the charges for the alleged violation of the Food Sanitation Act. It was undeniable that he ran Club Monkey Museum, another business of his own, in 2016 by reporting it as a general restaurant, not an entertainment facility.

On the other hand, Seungri’s side is strongly opposed to the alleged prostitution and sexual services. Regarding the circumstances of the sexual services police found in the chat room of Kakao Talk, they claim that Seungri was just introducing a woman to his acquaintance, saying that the description of women as “easy ones” was a misrepresentation of “friendly ones”.

Among the three charges so far, “illegal distribution of footage” has a different weight. All figures involved in the Burning Sun Gate, including Jeong Joon-young, a Burning Sun employee, and B, who filmed or distributed illegal footage, failed to avoid arrest. Moreover, Seungri is likely to be judged as a possible suspect of the destruction of evidence, as he has repeatedly said that he had tried to stop Jung’s distribution activities which is a contrary to the truth.

We are continuing to broadly check the statements of some of the people involved,” police said in response to the alleged prostitution ring. “Two weeks ago, we said we had a “meaningful testimony regarding the prostitution” and now we’re moving forward with that“.

Police have also booked Jeong Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon for further confirmation of the distribution of illegal footage. Jeong Joon-young, who was arrested on the 21st, was given three additional charges from the previous eight, bringing the number to 11. He is under police investigation and is scheduled to be sent to the prosecution on the 29th.

Choi Jong-hoon’s alleged distribution of illegal filming has been added one more charge from the previous two. “We have to continue to investigate who the photographer is, but the person (Choi Jong-hoon) admitted the distribution,” police said. “It’s a different video than the one that Jung distributed“. Choi Jong-hoon has also been booked on charges of bribery in addition to the alleged distribution of illegal filming, so there is a good chance that the arrest warrant will be filed towards him.

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