“Black Knight” Kim Woo Bin, “I was curious about the story because the scenario in the script might happen in the future”

Actor Kim Woo Bin introduced the role of the legendary delivery driver 5-8 he plays in the upcoming series “Black Knight”.

On May 10th, the press conference for Netflix’s original series “Black Knight” was held at Provoke Seoul, Yeongdeungpo-gu. Director Cho Ui Seok, actor Kim Woo Bin, Song Seung Heon, Kang Yoo Seok and Esom attended the event.

When asked about the reason he decided to star in “Black Knight”, Kim Woo Bin said, “We recently experienced the situation where we all had to wear masks, right? So when I read the script, I thought this kind of scenario might happen in the future, and I became more curious about the story”, adding “I was interested in the diversity of the characters that came out in this work, especially the role of ‘5-8’ that I played. I worked with director Cho Ui Seok in the movie ‘Master’ before, so I had faith in him and decided to join the project”.

Regarding his own character, the actor shared, “5-8 is a deliveryman. However, he has to be a strong person since he needs to overcome the attacks of hunters to deliver daily necessities for survival”, adding “5-8 is the strongest and the most legendary figure among all the delivery drivers”. Explaining the job of 5-8 in “Black Knight”, Kim Woo Bin said, “Including 5-8, Black Knight is a group of 11 refugees who become delivery drivers. Hoping that everyone can live happily, they work to help those who are refugees just like they used to be.”

He added, “When working on every work, I think it is important to understand why a character thinks or says something. Especially for 5-8, I spent time thinking about how he would feel being abandoned and suffering pain as a refugee, and what a happy world means to him.”

When asked if he would join if there were to be an audition for this deliveryman role, Kim Woo Bin smiled and replied, “I’m not very confident in that, but I think I should give it a try. Since I’m quite tall, I think I might be able to win the heart of the director.”

Set in the future Korean Peninsula where people cannot live without oxygen respirators due to extreme air pollution, “Black Knight” is a Netflix series about legendary delivery driver 5-8 and refugee boy Sa Wol facing the Cheonmyeong Group who controls the world with oxygen as a weapon. Director Cho Ui Seok of “Make It Big” and “Master” grabbed the megaphone for this movie project, which is based on a webtoon of the same name.

Kim Woo Bin takes on the role of deliveryman 5-8, while Song Seung Heon plays Ryu Seok, the only heir of the Cheonmyeong Group. In addition, Kang Yoo Seok portrays Yoon Sa Wol, the refugee boy who dreams of becoming a delivery driver, and Esom appears in this drama as military officer Jung Seol Ah.

The series will be released on Netflix on May 12th.

Source: Daum

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