BL web drama “A Shoulder to Cry On” production company “We’re sorry about the Omega X incident, our schedule has been disrupted”

The web drama “A Shoulder to Cry On” expressed regret over the situation of Omega X being abused by their agency’s CEO. 

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On November 4th, the production company of the web drama “A Shoulder to Cry On” (also known as “Comfort the Boy”) posted on its official SNS, saying, “In light of the recent incident involving Omega X, there are concerns about whether the production of ‘A Shoulder to Cry On’ will be affected. Therefore, we are making an official statement on this.”

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “A Shoulder to Cry On” tells the story of Lee Da Yeol, who dreams of becoming an archer. He meets Cho Tae Hyun, who has been deceived by his past wounds. Omega X members Kim Jae Han and Shin Ye Chan took on the lead roles.

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“A Shoulder to Cry On” was originally scheduled to premiere this November and was in the process of discussion with domestic and overseas OTT platforms, but the planned schedule was disrupted due to allegations of abuse and assault by the CEO of Omega X’s agency.

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The production company said, “We hope that the relationship between the two actors, Kim Jae Han and Shin Ye Chan, who lead the drama, and their group, Omega X, will be resolved smoothly, and this issue will not cause any more problems in the schedule of ‘A Shoulder to Cry On’.”

The production company thanked Kim Jae Han and Shin Ye Chan for their passionate attitude even during the difficult schedule, said, “The production team expresses great regret and sympathy for the recent situation, and sincerely supports the two actors, Kim Jae Han and Shin Ye Chan.”

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Recently, online allegations were raised that Omega X members had been verbally abused and physically assaulted by a woman known as the CEO of their agency. When the controversy broke out, Omega X’s company explained, “The situation at that time happened after the dinner held after the tour was over for about a month, from Guadalajara, Mexico on September 16th to the LA concert in the US on the 22nd. Omega X members and the agency were talking about things that we were disappointed about, so our emotions intensified and our voices got louder.”

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