BIGBANG G-Dragon wore sneakers inside his living room, which is the size of a house

G-Dragon, the leader of famous boy group BIGBANG, posted an update of himself at home and drew attention.

On February 23rd, G-Dragon took a photo of himself in the living room of his home while looking in the mirror.


In the photo, G-Dragon conveyed his carefree atmosphere as he walked through the clean living room of his house, where not a speck of dust could be seen.

The male idol also subtly showed off his wealth with a large TV and sofa that was as tall as he was. In addition, G-Dragon can be seen wearing ordinary sneakers, not slippers, even though he was inside the house, taking viewers by surprise.


Many, who see the photo, also expressed their astonishment at G-Dragon’s living, which may be equal in size with a full house. 

On the other hand, at the beginning of 2023, G-Dragon announced various activities, including the release of a new album, raising the expectations of global music fans.

Source: Naver 

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