BIGBANG G-Dragon and jaw-dropping collection of luxury cars 

A look at G-Dragon’s garage can blow your mind away!

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is among the richest Kpop idols in the industry with numerous song credits, commercial deals, and personal brands. Over the years, the rapper’s net worth is simply insane, and his collection of luxury cars is merely jaw-dropping. 

G-Dragon is among the richest Kpop idols in history. 

Recently, G-Dragon has made an impressive entrance at the airport, having arrived in a white Rolls Royce Ghost, which costs up to 776 million won (over 600,000 USD). He also has the car plate customized to represent his year of birth in 1988. 

G-Dragon made an impressive entrance in his expensive car. 
The idol looked extremely fashionable before departing for the Netherlands, but all eyes were on the Rolls Royce he arrived in. 

G-Dragon also owns a black Rolls Royce Ghost, which he uses for normal work and transportations. 

G-Dragon’s black Rolls Royce.

GD-carThis is the idol’s main means of transportation. 

Another vehicle in G-Dragon’s car collection is his white Bentley Continental GT, which costs roughly 250,000 USD. The male idol also owns a black McLaren 650S Coupe, which sells at around 260,000 USD

The white Bentley Continental GT in G-Dragon’s collection. 
The sports model McLaren 650S Coupe is yet another car in his possession. 

The leader of BIGBANG is also fond of sports cars, and aside from the McLauren, also purchased a white Lamborghini Aventador worth 520,000 USD. This same car actually appeared on his MVs for “Who You?” and “Good Boy”. 

In addition, in 2017, G-Dragon also paid around 435,000 USD to buy a black Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. 

The white Lamborghini cameo-ed in G-Dragon’s MVs. 
And he also has a black version. 

Ironically, despite his impressive collection, G-Dragon’s favorite vehicle is actually an electric bike that only costs 2,000 USD. He also uses public transports like the subway from time to time. 

All those expensive cars yet G-Dragon loves his electric bike….
…and often takes it everywhere.
He was even spotted on the subway!

It seems that all the luxuries doesn’t make G-Dragon any less humble, and fans can only adore the rapper more for his simple lifestyle.  

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