BIBI, “My bikini strap was loosened during my Waterbomb performance…” (Knowing Bros)

BIBI recalled her recent stage accident. 

In the 352nd episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, which aired on October 1st, Jae Jae, BIBI, and Crush appeared as guests in the “Girl crush” special episode.

On the broadcast, BIBI recalled her performance at Waterbomb Festival, saying that there was an unexpected accident related to water.

BIBI said, “I took off my T-shirt and the strap suddenly got untied, so I almost got into trouble”, adding “I don’t often use stickers, but the staff persuaded me to stick them on that day. I agreed. Stickers were also attached to my back, but they got wet and loosened later, so only those in the front remained.”.

When asked if the front part also fell off, BIBI said, “Then everything would be posted on the Internet”, surprising everyone with her bold remark.

Source: nate

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