Barbie Hsu revealed a shocking tattoo with the name of Koo Jun-yeop engraved on her chest

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu revealed her recent situation.

On the 20th, Barbie Hsu posted an advertisement pictorial and a video of the shooting site on her Instagram. In the released video, Barbie Hsu showed off her beautiful beauty in a white dress. Her innocent visual stood out.

seo hee won instagram

In particular, the tattoo on Barbie Hsu’s chest caught netizens’ attention. This is because Seo Hee-won did not have a tattoo of the letter ‘K’ on her chest before. Barbie Hsu’s love for her husband is shown by the tattoo since ‘K’ is the first letter of Koo Jun-yeop’s name.

seo hee won instagram

Meanwhile, Koo Jun-yeop and Barbie Hsu announced their marriage in March. The two first met in 1998 and started dating in the early 2000s, but they had to break up. Afterwards, Barbie Hsu married the second generation of a Chinese conglomerate, and she had one son and one daughter, but she divorced last year. Koo Jun-yeop, who learned of Barbie Hsu’s divorce, attempted to contact her for the first time after the breakup, and the two then married each other by re-growing their love through contact.

Source: wikitree

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