BamBam, “I got scolded during my trainee days due to cultural differences. Korea and Thailand are completely opposite”

GOT7 BamBam confessed that he had a hard time because of cultural differences when he was a trainee.

SBS’s “Master in the House 2” broadcast on April 16th revealed the final lecture to wrap up the four-part special program ‘Dr. Jung Jae Seung’s Human Class”.


During the broadcast, Professor Jung Jae Seung discussed cultural differences with the members. He asked BamBam, who is Thai, “Have you ever felt the cultural differences?”. In response, BamBam said, “I was scolded a lot during my trainee days because of cultural differences”.

BamBam, “Something normal in Thailand can mean a different thing in Korea”, raising viewers’ curiosity. He continued, “I went to the restaurant with some trainees. Since the food they ordered had not come out yet, I ate first. I got scolded for being the first person to eat. At that time, I didn’t understand why.”


He added, “Another time when I took the subway with the trainees and there was an empty seat, so I sat down right away and was scolded again”, adding “In Thailand, it was like the opposite. Since older people have lived longer, they often think they should take care of younger ones. When I first came here, everything was completely the opposite, so I had a really hard time getting used to it.”

Source: Nate

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